Our team of world-renowned cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers eliminate potential exploits in your IT framework. From vulnerability assessments to network testing, Engage is an expert in every threat analysis method.

Your All-Inclusive Security Partner

  • Penetration Man ICON
    Penetration Testing

    Discover open routes in your system that hackers can use

  • Network Analysis ICON
    Network Analysis

    Screen all data packets that pass through your network

  • Vulnerability Testing ICON
    Vulnerability Testing

    Discover potential exploits in your IT infrastructure

  • Risk Assesment ICON
    Risk Assessments

    Find out the potential likelihood & impact of hacking attempts

  • Security Audit ICON
    Security Audits

    Evaluate the current security rating of your IT provider or in-house team

  • Regulatory Compliance ICON
    Regulatory Compliance

    Comply with data protection standards like GDPR, CCPA & HIPAA

  • Security Posture ICON
    Security Posture Score

    Percentage score of how well your organization security is set-up

  • Color-Coded Reports ICON
    Color-Coded Reports

    Detailed reports with color-coded representation of attack probability

  • Client Support ICON
    Client Support

    Whenever you face any issue, we are there to help you out instantly

  • Real Time Monitoring ICON
    Real-time Monitoring

    Constant monitoring service to watch your network at all times

Smarter Cybersecurity for Safer Workplace

We help businesses like yours protect their network security and maintain strict control over the entire framework. We accomplish this by conducting an intensive testing process, created by our team of renowned cybersecurity experts.

Free Trial ICON
Step 1: Free Trial

Click on the ‘Try for Free!’ button on the top of the homepage. Fill out the details for a free trial.

Consultation ICON
Step 2: Consultation

One of our senior cybersecurity experts will reach out to you and conduct the testing process.

Results ICON
Step 3: Results

Once testing is done, you will be able to access the results and reports in your Engage dashboard.

If you are happy with the results and how we assist you, you can hire us to protect your business 24x7!

Our Clients Are Saying...

Engage is constantly ranked as one of the best cybersecurity solutions providers by the leading media outlets, as well as our clients. Here are some of our client testimonials:

  • For a while, we had been thinking about getting a cybersecurity expert to review our dental clinic IT network. We hired Engage for the same, and they showed us that our system had been compromised for the last two months. Thankfully, Engage helped us in preventing a major business disaster from happening.
    Dr. Melissa Manjon, Denstist
  • We have to handle sensitive client data, so we were worried about the news of different ransomware attacks on businesses. We consulted with Engage, and they provided us with a detailed report of current vulnerabilities and recommendations. Their transparency is one of the best things about them. Totally recommended!
    Sargent Scott Turil
  • Engage’s free consultation definitely won me over. In a short session, they pinpointed everything that our current IT provider was totally doing wrong. There were so many open security risks that we weren't aware of. It was frightening to discover how vulnerable we were.
    Megan Fiester, One Marketing
  • Janus contracted Engage to perform three security audits for the internal audit department. Engage provided tremendous credibility to the internal audit department’s audit findings by demonstrating vast security skills to IT management. Engage recomendations were excatly what we were looking for to tighten the bolts on our infrastructure.
    Marius Boseman, Janus Henderson Investments

At Engage, We Deliver

We do not provide you with vague cybersecurity definitions. Instead, after vigilant testing, Engage provides you with a detailed report containing evaluation-based findings related to your network on every parameter that counts. The reports are complimented with a color-coded matrix that contains the likelihood of an attack and its impact on your organization. Additionally, you get a list of recommended actions that you can forward to your IT provider and compliance teams. If convenience is your concern, we can even implement the recommended safety procedures for you!

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